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Orient Place

Thursday 20 December 2018

The Orient Place Holidays Photo Contest

It seems everyone's running a photo-shoot contest nowadays – so why not have a contest of our own? After all, Orient watches are so photogenic!

So – today we're announcing the Orient Place Holiday Season Photo Contest. And here's how it is going to be:

1.       On the Orient Place Facebook page, there is a new post with a link to the contest announcement (i.e. the blog post you're reading right now)

You can visit the Facebook post directly, here

2.       To participate in the contest – post your best photo of an Orient watch as a comment on that Facebook post. One photo per participant, please, so choose your candidate photograph wisely!

Note - It doesn't necessarily have to be your own watch (and we wouldn't be able to tell if it is, anyway) but it has to be a watch that you personally photographed.

3.       Get as many Likes as you can; and don't just wait for Likes to happen… invite your friends – especially if they appreciate watches – to visit our page and Like your photo – and any other photo they think is good. Visitors are not restricted to liking just one photo.

4.       The contest will run on our Facebook page until January 1st, 2019, noon CET. Until then you can post photos and get Likes – but of course, the sooner you post your photo, the more time you'll have to get Likes.

5.       The blog also gets one vote J for the photo we like the best.

6.       After voting concludes, there will be a final head-to-head contest between the two photos that got the most Likes.

Now – to make things interesting, we also have a humble reward for the winner, which Orient watch fans should appreciate: these two authentic and very detailed Japan Orient Store brochures!

Alright then, what are you waiting for? Go post those photos!


  1. Great contest I appreciate the attention to orient watches.
    Could not have won it without the help of my Bambino V4.
    I love the size and features of this watch makes it a real classic looking timepiece for a great value.
    The beautiful car that I took a picture of along with the Bambino is a 1954 Packard sedan classic Americana, they don't make cars they dont make cars, like they used to

    Thanks again ,congrats to the runner up and also to all that people that participated :)

    1. Thanks again Andy, and yes that is a beautiful car!