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Tuesday 15 February 2022

New Orient "Diver Design" References for 2022

Last September, Orient introduced their latest line of "Diver Design" watches. So called to avoid being confused with professional dive watches (like the M-Force), these have already been given the nickname "Kamasu 2" by the public.

Now, Orient is presenting a couple of new references of this model, and surprisingly - in their Japanese announcement they refer to it as "Mako" - despite being quite distinct from the old Mako. In fact, this line up is most recognizable by having the hands of a Mako 2, the dial of a Ray, and the bezel and sapphire of a Kamasu... and of course, that "vintage lume" that is unique to this model.

Whatever name you prefer to call it doesn't really matter - what's important is the new references, and we have two of those.

First up is a watch with lovely blue gradient sunburst dial and a blue-and-black bezel, which is presented both as a Japanese and a global reference. The JDM version, ref. RN-AA0815L, is limited to 600 units, while 2,800 units of the global version ref. RA-AA0815L would be produced.

The second version is presented only as a global reference, RA-AA814R. This one has a deep-red, or burgundy, sunburst dial, and a unique burgundy-and-brown bezel. Production of this version is not limited.

Both versions share their overall specifications, similar to previous references of this model: 41.8mm case width, 46.8mm lug to lug, and 12.8mm thickness. Both feature the familiar Kamasu 22mm wide steel bracelet, and are powered by Orient's caliber F6922.

Official prices are in the region of 350-400 USD, but similar to previous models you're likely to find them online at 300 or less.


  1. That red burgundy dial is stunning. Looks like the limited edition Kamasu 2 but without that "bronze" PVD coating.
    Mr Orient, I see that you know everything about Orient watches and follow every step of the brand. What watches from the Revival series may appear in the future? What's your opinion? A year ago I read somewhere on the internet that Orient plans to re-issue the Jaguar and Multi Year Calendar.

    1. Hi! Well I wouldn't say I know everything... but I do try to follow closely.

      We're not going to see the same flux of reissues as we did during the 70th anniversary year, for sure. By the way, they did use the Jaguar design on a number of recent models, and a new multi-year calendar was launched three months ago.

      I think Orient would now put the revival line on hold for a while and turn back to working on new stuff - I feel a new GMT movement is long overdue...