Orient Place

Orient Place

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Welcome to Orient Place

Welcome! You've arrived at Orient Place, a blog dedicated to Orient watches - new and old, divers and land-bound, fancy and plain - although, Orients never truly are plain.

I'm not a professional watchmaker or journalist, nor do I consider myself a collector - at least, not a hoarder or one to fill up display boxes and winders with "museum pieces" never meant to be worn. Nope, I do own quite a few watches, many of which are Orients (as well as other Japanese pieces) - all are intended to be used on a regular basis. Just like watches need to be.

In this blog, I will be reviewing some of my Orients (and possibly some Orients that are not mine but would "happen" to fall into my hands) as well as discussing different aspects of the Orient brand, its history, models, characteristics, and so on. Don't expect timegrapher measurements and mechanical analysis of the merits of this mainspring or that balance; these would all be 100% subjective opinions of an amateur, although seasoned, aficionado.

So if you love watches and Orient in particular, or wish to learn more about why other people have such a fondness for Orient - please follow my Blog!

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