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Orient Place

Monday 30 April 2018

Catch Of The Day: Orients For Sale

I thought it would be interesting to post some links to cool and unusual Orient watches that are currently available to buy online. I'll be posting updates every few weeks, so you better follow closely :)

Here are three current offers that I find quite attractive - but first let clarify I have no affiliation whatsoever with the sellers - and I have not personally checked these offers, so buyer's caution is advised, as always!

First up is this cool looking Orient Star "Retro Future" ref. WZ0291FH. Watch looks clean, seller has 100% rating. This watch used to sell at around $500 (USD), so the suggested price there seems fair.

Another watch that I believe is not so easy to find and, well, is simply a lot of fun to wear, is this 1st Generation M-Force. It is smaller and lighter than current M-Force models, with its 40mm Titanium case, and the dial is super cool. I have bought a similar model (different color dial) from this seller, as well as a couple other watches - he is trustable.

Last one for today, is this Orient Star WZ0281FD with a blue dial - but not your typical shade of blue. It is currently on auction, which ends in 6 days. Again, this is typical Orient - and would be totally atypical by any other watch brand!

Good luck, and if you succeed in acquiring any of these lovely Orients, please let me know!

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