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Sunday 3 June 2018

Catch Of The Day (June '18)

Following up on my previous "catch of the day" piece, here again are links to more unusual or rare Orient watches that are currently available to buy online. I have no affiliation with the sellers, and do not vouch for authenticity or quality, so buyer's caution is advised

First up is this very lovely "Prestige Shop Limited Edition" 
Orient Star Semi Skeleton ref. WZ0241DA. It's new – one of a few now available for sale – but this seller is presenting the actual watch, not catalog photos, which I like.

What's great about this watch is the warm crimson dial, which very much makes it a unisex design. And that's good, because if your significant other asks "what's that, did you just buy yourself another watch?" you can convincingly say "no, it's meant to be a surprise for you! Here, let me just wear it for a while, I'm breaking in the strap for you".

Now, if you're into Vintage, here's a really nice catch – a good old Orient Fineness "Ultra Matic" I wouldn't call this a unicorn but there are definitely not too many out there for sales at any given moment. This piece seems in good shape, the movement looks clean, and the price is sensible.

Last for today is this very nice "Duke", available from Orient Watch USA (so you'll need a shipping address in the US). The Duke is a little larger and sportier than the more popular Bambino, but definitely has a charm and the dial really looks great in reality.

What's even nicer about this White Dial Duke ref. FER2J003W0 is that it's not only on sale, at what seems a pretty good price upon quick comparison, but it is currently also viable for Orient Watch USA's Father's Day 45% discount, if you use the coupon code THANKSDAD.

* * *

Oh, and one more thing… I opened a YouTube channel with some videos of watches I review here. Nothing fancy – but I do believe videos are a nice complementary to still photos, as they can show the watch from different angles.

The channel is here, and once I get 100 subscribers – according to YouTube's rules – I'd be able to claim a custom URL, making the channel address easier to remember.

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