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Orient Place

Sunday 25 November 2018

Even More Colors

You should know by now – I love colors. I already wrote about Orient's use of color before, but I keep getting back to this topic every time I come across more wonderfully colored pieces from this brand.

One of the most extravagantly vibrant collections in Orient's history was the Sea King, "SK" for short. Some of these SK's boasted dials so flamboyant, I've seen online comments doubting their authenticity, suggesting they have been repainted or something. Well, they're not (at least, they needn't be)… these are the true original designs.

I'm not 100% sure how unique to Orient were the colorful bezels used in this collection, vs. other vintage divers, but I definitely do not see other brands' watches go on auctions featuring so many hues and shades.

The SK models in the above picture (all from the web… my own personal SK is actually black as night J) are only a small selection, from the wide range of shapes and color combinations available in this line. They are really cool and every Orient collector definitely needs to have at least one SK in his watch-box!

Another line of Orients that produced many vivid items was the M-Force. I should definitely write a review of the old M-Force… one of my favorite watches, no doubt. Until I do, feast your eyes on some of the brighter M-Force models, again picture taken from the web:

This brings me back to another favorite of mine, the good old multi-year calendar ref. WV0131EU. Well, that one actually looks quite tame compared to this red-hot variant:

Amazing, isn't it… even for me this is almost too much J …but just almost.

The brand's current line-up might seem restrained, compared to some of these older models, but there are still some very lively pieces on it. Here are just a bunch of them:

Have you got, or seen, a uniquely colored Orient? Share a photo! you can post links to an album in comments to this story, or share actual phots on our facebook page. 

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