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Orient Place

Sunday 13 January 2019

And We Have a Winner!

Orient Place Blog's Photo Contest, which began on December 20th, has ended last Thursday as the final showdown between our two finalists concluded with a clear win: it was Devon Ravine's great shot of his Orient Star Classic that had to settle on a respectable second place, with two votes – leaving the top of the podium for our contest winner with four votes, Andy Lewis.

Andy's winning shot shows his lovely blue-dialed Orient Bambino V4, in the driver's seat of a 1954 Packard sedan classic Americana – which, as its name implies, is a true American classic, providing an appropriate backdrop to a real Japanese classic. In Andy's words, "I love the size and features of this watch… makes it a real classic looking timepiece for a great value"

Andy, we've sent you your reward and a letter of confirmation for your win, and hope you get it soon – and that you continue to enjoy your watch.

And now that the celebrations and the holiday season are over, we go back to Business As Usual, and here's a little teaser to the story we have coming up next week… discussing one of Orient's more iconic family of divers!

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