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Wednesday 27 February 2019

New Orient Star Models for 2019

New Orient Star models are always welcome, and a whole new line of watches is cause for celebration! Orient just announced a bunch of new watches, let's see what we have here…

We'll start right from the big news – a new line of "Outdoor" watches, featuring a trendy "military" / utilitarian style of case and dial, and housing the familiar F6N43 movement. The watches are sensibly sized at 41mm diameter plus a fairly large crown, and appear to have been designed to offer very good legibility, with broad luminous hands and hour markers (the following photos are taken from Orient's press releases).

The line-up includes four regular models, and one limited "Prestige Shop" edition. The overall look and feel is somewhat reminiscent of certain Bell & Ross pieces, but the power reserve display helps preserve the Orient identity.

The blog's verdict: a welcome addition to the Orient line-up; while not being very original in design, we expect the usual Orient Star level of execution to make these a compelling proposition at 600-700 USD.

Next up, a new series of Orient Star retrogrades. These are essentially the same structure as the previous line of retrogrades, introduced in 2015, featuring the same basic layout and the same old movement – not necessarily a bad thing, although newer Orient movements do offer a longer power reserve.

The range of models is fairly nice, with white and blue-dialed versions, and – as usual – a limited edition, this time having a grey dial. That's good, we don't have enough decent grey dials on Orient's line-up.

The blog's verdict: why not? Orient's line of retrograde watches is cool, fairly unique, and at 800 USD, compared with the price of Swiss automatics that feature retrograde displays, it provides great proof to the brand's excellent value for money. A new movement would have been nice, but absolutely not critical. Keep it up.

Last update for today, a new edition of the Moon Phase limited to 300 pieces. Combining the black dial of one version and the rose-gold toned hands of another, it does not make any sort of dramatic statement, but is welcome nonetheless. It comes nicely packed with both a metal bracelet and leather strap.

The blog's verdict: it is nice, but what we would really love to see is a Moon Phase without the open dial. The moon display and power reserve make the dial busy enough; without the hole in the dial, the watch-face would look cleaner, more balanced, and absolutely classy.

So – what's your opinion on the new models? Tell us what you think!

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  1. Thanks for yhe article!

    As you said not really exciting news.

    As for the moonphase I own the original blue one, and love it!