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Orient Place

Sunday 6 October 2019

Orient's Contemporary Collection Models on Mesh

Last month we were very excited with Orient's announcement on the release of the brand's new automatic pilot watches. So we understandably neglected another announcement made more or less around the same time. We can go back to it now.

This was not an announcement of a completely new line of watches; instead, Orient launched a few versions of existing models in its Contemporary line on a new mesh band.

Now, the contemporary collection is essentially where Orient positions watches focused on those segments of the market looking for more modern looking watches. These typically feature very clean, minimalist designs or watches that perhaps have more elaborate designs (like Multi Year Calendar or Sun & Moon models) but are still laid out cleanly and stylishly.

It therefore makes sense that for these consumers who look at Orient's contemporary models as a higher quality alternative to "fashion watches", the brand would offer watches on steel mesh – which is very much a love or hate thing, but is definitely seen by many as a comfortable and fashionable alternative to standard bracelets.

And it further makes sense that these mesh bands are offered as options for the Contemporary collection's more simply designed, modern looking models.

The models on top – references RN-AC0E05N, RN-AC0E06E, and RN-AC0E07S – are 40mm wide automatics, costing around 260 USD plus tax. They are basically the same as some existing Contemporary Collection models previously available from Orient on either leather straps or conventional steel bracelets.

The models below, featuring small seconds are references RN-SP0005N, RN-SP0006E, and RN-SP0007S, are quartz, 39mm wide and costing around 180 USD plus tax. These two are simply new variations of existing references in the Contemporary line.

The blog's verdict: well honestly, we're not the biggest fans of mesh bands; but if you're gonna have mesh on your Orient it might as well be branded Orient rather than being a generic band, so… why not? We approve.

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