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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

More New Releases By Orient

Following yesterday's announcement of the new M-Force and Sun & Moon watches, here's a brief overview of some of Orient's other recent announcements – most (but not all) of which are new color schemes and variations of existing models.

Contemporary Semi-Skeleton Orient Star

First up, we get three new references in Orient Star's Contemporary semi-skeleton watch family. Ref. RK-AT0009N, RK-AT0010A, and RK-AT0011A, feature grey, brown, and blue dials, respectively – the latter two being in "butterfly shell" as the translation from Japanese goes (presumably, this is like Mother of Pearl).

While MOP dials are often associated with ladies' watches, the darker shades and the style of the 39.3mm wide case put these on the "men's watches" shelf (although, obviously, all watches are unisex by nature and anyone can wear anything).

Moving Blue

Orient have already released several watches under the "moving blue" tagline last year – and now, here are a few more. And why not, as this seems to be a worthy collection and a very attractive dial color.

The new blue collection features four different models, all of which are no-date, open heart models: these are the contemporary "modern skeleton", the contemporary semi-skeleton, the classic semi-skeleton, and – the only completely new design in this collection – a ladies' semi-skeleton, quite different from the current ladies' open heart models.

Each of the models comes in two distinct references, one being the global version – and the other being a limited Prestige Shop model. The only difference seems to be the extra leather band provided with the Prestige Shop models, despite costing the same.

"IO" Solar Ladies' Watches

Last but not least, Orient have presented five new variants of their solar-powered "IO" branded watches for women. The differences are subtle, and these are all light-colored dials, elegantly designed, 27.6mm wide watches, costing around 200 USD.


  1. Do you know what the differences are between RK-AT0009N and RK-AT0007N? Is it only the 9N has a bracelet and the 7N has a leather strap? Is the 7N dial also anthracite?

    How about the differences between JDM RK-AT0007N and the international version RE-AT0007N00B?

    Thank you,
    Ed (aka Lancasterwatch)

    1. Hi! Yes the only difference between the 0007 and 0009 is the bracelet. And in this case (as is usually, though not always) the JDM and international versions are identical.

    2. Thank you so much for the fast reply! I am shopping for one of these and comparing prices so this information is extremely helpful.

      Do you own an OS semi-skeleton? If so, which model?

    3. I have an OS semi skeleton from a slightly older collection - reference WZ0241DA. A real gem.