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Orient Place

Sunday 16 September 2018

Catch of the Day - Orients for Sale

Here again are links to more unusual or rare Orient watches that are currently available to buy online. I have no affiliation with the sellers, and do not vouch for authenticity or quality, so buyer's caution is advised!

First piece to catch my attention this month is this very handsome Orient Star ref. WZ0041EJ. According to the seller this has practically not been used. The star (pun intended) of the show here is obviously the dial, which has a beautiful reddish-copper hue.

Case diameter is around 38mm without the crown, which is a decent size for a dress watch. It has probably spent around 10 years in the box – long enough for it to ripe. It's time someone buys and enjoys it! I would definitely have done so if it wasn't for another red-dialed Orient that just landed on my desk a few days ago…

Check it out here – if no one has bought it already…

Now, for something even rarer and quite striking – this is what seems to be a fairly priced Royal Orient in excellent condition. This is "Orient Star Royal" ref. WZ0011FC, a real classy piece. This too has a beautiful dial combining different textures. Case diameter is 36mm.

The watch is available on Rakuten here; There are of course various online services that would help you get it shipped outside of Japan. I personally often use ZenMarket, which is quite convenient. For example, you can see the same watch on ZenMarket here.

Last one for today – this one is really rare – an Orient Star automatic chronograph ref. WZ0011DS. This model uses Seiko's famed chronograph movement, a close relative of the one sourced by Tag Heuer for its own chronographs.

The link is for a physical store in the Philippines, and whether or not it is actually still in stock and would they ship it globally is pretty much a mystery. But – doesn't all this just make a hunt more exciting? This piece is definitely worth the effort. Let's just hope the store withstood the ferocious Typhoon Mangkhut.

You can find the store's Facebook status here – price is not mentioned, but expect 4 figures in USD.

Please note I'm sharing the photos provided on the respective sale ads for these watches. I definitely recommend searching online for more quality photos, on the wrist and in various lighting conditions, to get a better feel for what the watch looks like in real life.

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