Orient Place

Orient Place

Tuesday 21 December 2021

Happy New Year, Blog Readers!

And so another year draws to its end. 2021 was as interesting a year as its predecessor was – and while not all aspects of this similarity are positive, on this blog we remain optimistic and focus on the brighter sides; so for us, this was simply the 70th anniversary of Orient Star.

Orient too made every effort to remain positive and released plenty of new models, both Orient Star and "regular Orient". Some of these took inspiration from the brand's history, some continued the watchmaker's current design trends, and some – took on a new path.

Among those numerous new releases, I took the liberty of selecting my favorite three models to go on the blog's podium:

At third place – I have chosen the flamboyant MOP-dial limited edition moon phase watch. It is relatively complicated (compared to the brand's other models), well made, and unashamedly flashy. Honestly, it is the latter trait that earned it a place on the podium.

Second place goes to the new Orient Star Skeleton with its 70-hour movement. A technical achievement for the brand, the silicon-escape-wheel-equipped caliber F8B62/63 is likely only the first in a series of future 70-hour models (hopefully costing less than this flagship piece), hence its importance – and its place on the podium.

In what might seem a stark contrast to the above high-end pieces, my personal vote for first place goes to a much simpler model. Orient's World Dial re-issue captured the hearts of many fans of the brand with its cheerful colors and old-world charm, taken directly and very faithfully from the original 1960s model. Being true to the brand's DNA and history is why the World Dial watch is my Orient Of The Year 2021.

Needless to say, that is just one person's opinion… so what do you think? What are your favorite Orients of the year? And what are you hoping to see from the brand in 2022? Please leave your comments and voice your opinion.

…and most importantly – may all blog readers and followers, their families and friends, have a very happy new year!


  1. My choice, the Skeleton is the most important watch for this year for Orient. New caliber, new components, the future seams to be bright for our company!!!!!
    Happy, happy, happy new year with health and prosperity for all of us, for all the world!!!! See you all next year!!!!

  2. Orient Classic Nebula made for 70th anniversary. I have just got it and it is very unique and elegant beast :)