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Wednesday 8 February 2023

First New Orient Star Releases of 2023

Orient is today announcing three new references, the brand's first releases for the (already not so new) year: two Layered Skeleton watches, and one new version of the Diver 1964.


Layered Skeleton 

The Orient Star Layered Skeleton was first introduced in February 2021, and a number of references of this model have been introduced in the two years since its launch. Today, Orient are adding two new versions.

Reference RE-AV0B08L (Japanese RK-AV0B08L) features a textured dial bearing the model's signature herringbone pattern, this time in shades of deep blue. This watch would be regular production, and comes on a steel bracelet. At the current rate of the Japanese Yen it costs about USD 720.

Ref. RE-AV0B09N (RK-AV0B09N) has a dial with top layer that's sunburst grey, and a lower blue layer. It comes with both a bracelet and a leather strap, and is limited to 1,000 units. Current price is around USD 800.

Like all Layered Skeleton models, the watches feature a 41mm wide case, front sapphire crystal, the F6F44 automatic movement, and are waterproof to 100m.


Diver 1964

Orient introduced the "Diver 1964", a faithful reissue of its 1964 Olympia Calendar Diver, back in 2021. It announced a second edition of the diver in 2022, with a different design inspired by the Calendar Auto Diver.

Now, Orient go back to the earlier version, announcing reference RE-AU0502S (RK-AU0502S). It is identical in specs to the 2021 release, except this time featuring a silver dial instead of the black one. So you're getting the 41mm case, rotating divers' bezel, 200m depth rating, steel bracelet, and automatic caliber F6N47 inside.

The new Diver 1964 is limited to 900 units, and should cost you around USD 1,100.


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  1. Orient, you guys are truly the under-dogs of watch making. I've been following you guys for years and watching your company evolve into something you can truly claim as your own. And I am truly a fan and own several of your pieces. Now that I see your new line, I will definitely be looking forward to owning a mechanical layered skeleton watch (RE-AV0B08L) and adding it to my collection.