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Wednesday, 15 February 2023

New Diver and Classic Models From Orient

Last week Orient presented its first new Orient Star models of 2023, and today – it is announcing this year's first new non-Star models: a diver style watch (a.k.a Mako II), and a kind of Bambino with added sub-dials. Thankfully, Orient aren't playing the "limited edition game" and all the new versions are colors will be available in regular production.


"Classic and Simple"

Classic and Simple is the tagline Orient has attached to its line of dressy watches like the Bambino. The new model might be more Classic and Complicated, though, with the addition of two sub-dials, one for the week day, and another displaying the 24-hour time. The date window remains in its classic 3-o'clock position.

All these goodies are combined with a dial similar to the Bambino V2, with its roman numerals and thin hands, and placed inside a classic Bambino case measuring 40.5mm wide, 46.5mm lug to lug, and 12.6mm thick (only 0.3mm thicker than standard Bambino). The crystal is mineral glass, and lug width – still 21mm.

Five references are being introduced at this time:

·         RA-AK0701S (RN-AK0701S) with a white dial and a black leather strap

·         RA-AK0702Y (RN-AK0702Y) with an ivory dial and a brown leather strap

·         RN-AK0703E (Japan reference only) with a green dial and gold markers, and a brown leather strap

·         RA-AK0704N (no Japan reference) with a grey dial and a grey leather strap

·         RA-AK0705R (RN-AK0705R) with a red dial and gold markers, and a red leather strap

The new model uses Orient's automatic caliber F6B22. All references are similarly priced at around USD 280 – about 50 dollars more than the classic Bambino.

Will the Bambino's classic looks, and the charm of the domed crystal and dial, still work with the added complications? We'll need to see this one in person to judge!


"Diver Design"

Diver Design is how Orient refer to its models that are styled like dive watches but are not ISO-Standard divers, such as the Mako and Kamasu.

The new releases belong in the "Mako II" family, characterized by its big Arabic numerals at 6, 9 and 12. Other than the hour markers and hands, these are identical to the Kamasu, having its updated bezel and sapphire crystal.

Four references were introduced:

·         RA-AA0818L (RN-AA0818L) with a blue dial, and matching bezel in two shades of blue.

·         RA-AA0819N with a grey dial, and bezel with shades of grey

·         RA-AA0820R with a red dial, and bezel with shades of red

·         RA-AA0821S with a silver dial, and a grey and orange bezel

Indeed most of these models are not presented to the Japanese market – but then again, they already have their special editions available only on the JDM online store!

All references share the technical details: 41.8mm wide case with 22mm lug width, 20 bar water resistance, and lumed hands and markers. The movement is automatic caliber F6922, with its day and date display, hand-winding and hacking.



  1. I've seen more images of these divers on some other website and unfortunately they are just like Kamasu 2 with different dials and bezel inserts. I expected a little progress like drilled lugs and solid end links - just like Mako USA had about 4 years ago, but nothing new. The strange thing is that these watches have different crowns in different images. In one image the crown looks bigger and in the other it is as small as it always was. Maybe they improved it?
    I still think the first Kamasu is the best because of the fantastic dial design. I hope that someday they will make an improved version as it was with the old Bambino.

    1. Orient don't usually take their watches thru many evolutionary steps. They'd stick with the watch as much as possible with the occasional cosmetic changes. A real update or upgrade usually follows change of movement.

  2. The crown in the first Mako pic looks larger than the group of 4. Is there a chance they finally fixed the crown?

  3. So I guess the old Bambino V2 is going out of production?

    1. These aren't replacing the "classic dial" Bambinos. Some older models might be discontinued but nothing announced yet, and definitely certain versions of classic Bambino will continue to live alongside the new look.