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Orient Place

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Orient Place Blog's First Anniversary

Everyone likes to celebrate anniversaries! Orient do… and so do blogs :)

I started this blog exactly one year ago, on April 17, 2018, with the purpose of sharing as much Orient-related information with the community of Orient watch owners and fans of the brand: reviews, news, tales of the brand's history, and various other topics.

It turned out that the brand does indeed carry such a community of people wanting to learn more, and that such a source of information providing an insight into the brand's past and present (and as much as possible, future) was badly sought after.

During the blog's first 12 months, we've had more than 25,000 visits, an average of more than 2,000 per month. Thirty five stories were posted on the blog, accompanied by around 80 original photos (and plenty of catalog ones…)

The most popular stories posted (based on direct entries, so not counting people who viewed the story while it showed on the blog's main page) were –

·         In third place, New Orient Star Models for 2019 – apparently many of you (866 direct entries) were intrigued by Orient's new models!
·         Runner up with 884 direct entries, Dress Watches and Orient – not surprising, considering Orient's dress watches (such as the Bambino) are among the brand's most iconic and popular models…
·         And in the first place, the most popular story with 914 direct entries - The "Map Dial" Orient World Diver ! and no wonder that it is, as who can resist the charm of this amazing vintage work of art?

We also had plenty of activity on our Facebook page, and in case you haven't already, please follow the page! Besides being a very convenient way of getting notified of new blog posts, we also occasionally post additional content there, like photos, and links to interesting watches showing up for sale.

Interestingly, the Facebook post that got the most engagement on our page was the one referring to the list of modern RoyalOrient movements, compiled and published by the blog. So yes, Orient fans also seem to have saved a place in their heart for the now hibernating royal sub-brand…

And this here is our top liked Instagram photo! :)

What's also quite exciting is that recently, Orient have learned about the blog and have reached out to us. This is great news for the blog, as we now have a direct link to information right from the source. While the blog promises to retain its neutrality, so for instance all product reviews we would post here will always be 100% objective, there is no doubt that being acknowledged by the brand is really cool – as well as likely to be very helpful in the future.

As part of this relationship, we have asked an Orient executive to share with us some of their thoughts about the past, present and future of the brand. Our request was kindly accepted, and tomorrow we will be sharing this with you – rest assured this will be interesting, as we got a scoop, in the form of first details of new and upcoming models!

Okay, then. We paused to celebrate our anniversary, but now we must move on. In coming weeks, you can expect some very interesting articles here on the blog… we'd be talking about Orient's homage watches; we'll take a look at the brand's mechanical chronographs; we'd be reviewing more watches, new and old, and – stay tuned as we've got a very, very, rare Orient heading our way!

As always – we're also listening to our readers and followers. Tell us (here in comments, or on our Facebook page) what more topics would you like the blog to cover and discuss?


  1. Great! Thank you for all the information and insights of Orient watches, my favorite brand.