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Orient Place

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Happy New Year!

2022 is just two days shy of over, and we can already smell 2023. Time for a little summary and perhaps, some hopes and wishes for the next year.

Other global topics aside, in the Orient watchmaking business the year was somewhat less hectic than 2020-2021. No special anniversaries or celebrations, Orient had launched fewer new models, and was more engaged in expanding its online retail operation (for Japanese customer only, at this point).

The brand did introduce two new models – the second edition of the 1964 diver, and the Neo Classic Sport; and, presented various new versions of existing models, like the Mako/Kamasu, M-Force, Orient Star Moonphase and Skeletons, and more.

Here at Orient Place blog, I found that I spent a little less time on reviewing new watches, and more on looking at vintage models, movement and topics from Orient's history. In part because of growing interest among readers and in part, thanks to the lovely 1999 Orient Watch Catalog book – though even that book could not answer every open question in the brand's obscure history: for instance I only recently found out about the 35j Triostat AAA movement (thanks to Rustam's Japanese Vintage Watch blog) which is not mentioned in any historical record I could locate…

The two Orients added to my personal collection this year were also vintage pieces, quite special and hard to find. The Olympia Calendar Speed Data I already wrote about, and the Royal Orient I received more recently is definitely going to be dedicated a post here, soon!

Some of my wishes for 2023 – again just in the context of Orient…

  • To see the brand make its online stores accessible in global markets
  • To see more new model releases, of course
  • To have a new 300m diver announced (because Orient Brazil's watches are even harder to find than JDM…)
  • And, it would be great to see a new GMT movement in 2023 – being the 20th anniversary of Orient's first GMT movement from 2003!

…and most importantly – may all blog readers and followers, their families and friends, have a very happy new year!



  1. Thanks for your excellent blog posts this year and best wishes for the next year to you and your family.

    1. Thank you so much! Happy new year, all the best to you and your loved ones